Our Story

Welcome to Redeem Dream. Where all vintage dreams come true. 
Creator Sheryll, has always dreamt about having her own vintage store. In her early 20's, she started collecting and curating beautiful pieces from her travels and adventures. Soon, she had filled her room with beautiful prints, fabrics, and sequins of dresses from different eras.  Joined events and started working with other vintage business owners alike, but had to put business aside for personal reasons. She loves the thrill of the hunt and never stopped collecting or curating vintage treasures. 
Unfortunate event had made her rethink about her life and future. Inspired by a purchased journal with the word "Redeemed" and the definition of win back or repurchased. She was set to redeem her life and the dream of finally owning her own vintage store. She wanted to start fresh with new ideas. She is back with a comeback and ready to follow her dreams through her passion and love for all vintage. Redeeming one dream at a time. Come dream with us.